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home care pump with battery

Clario von Medela


Quick relief for quiet tracheostomy suctioning

Practical and easy to use.

  • Pre-determined vacuum settings enable you to select a setting, and use the pump immediately, for quick relief.

  • No need to reset vacuum levels, just set them once, and the vacuum is ready when you need it.

  • Simply plug the canister in, no additional tubing or filters are required.


Ideal for use out and about.

  • Lightweight and portable design allows the pump to be easily mobilised with the user.

  • Battery-powered versions offer over 50 minutes of operation per charge.

  • The quietness of the pump makes suctioning on the move and in public more discreet.

Safety first.

  • Threefold hygienic design keeps fluids from entering the pump unit.

  • Rounded edges and one-click connections make the pump easy to clean.



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